TTHA Aged Care


Tabulam + Templar Home for the Aged is a long established not for profit aged care facility, that is culturally specific serving the German community.  The facility has a mix of  care levels from low and high care, independent living units as well as  dementia facilities. The essence of this design outcome was the emphasis on the individual resident, how they feel about living in this building and how we as designers could enhance their experience.

The brief required a new wing for 37 sub acute hospital and aged care beds. The design identified and dealt with a complex set of planning, servicing and fire regulation issues. Additionally, a new dining facility, café, and hairdressing salon were incorporated into the floor plan. A small childcare facility, viewable by the residents from the dining room, created a more inclusive, all age environment where families could feel comfortable bringing younger generations through.

The new building creates a link between two existing buildings which finally integrates of the centre. Located in a visually prominent position, this is very much the branding building for the center.

Essentially the design outcome was generated from the point of view of the individual. The people spend long periods of time in their rooms and associated facilities, so making it feel less instittional was paramount. Rooms all have window boxes for individual gardening and non-standard ensuites that allow the rooms to be organized more like home.

This building is a passive solar building with sun shaded northern fenestration, high levels of insulation and solar glazing. Coupled with solar hot water & a major water harvesting system, the final outcome is a building with great integrity in design and a solid foundation to remain adaptable for many years to come.

(Project done as joint venture with Steffen Welsch Architects)

  • Location:
    Bayswater, Outer Melbourne, Australia
  • Builder:
    HMC Pty Ltd
  • Services Engineers:
    SEMF Pty Ltd
  • Cost Planners:
  • Structural Engineers:
    Maurice Farrugia and Associates
  • Photographer:
    Rory Gardiner

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