University of Melbourne at St Vincents Hospital

U.O.M. ST. VINCENT’S HOSPITAL                                                                                                                                                           CLINICAL SCIENCES BUILDING LEVEL TWO

Gardiner Architects has had an ongoing relationship with the University of Melbourne’s Medicine Faculties at StVincents Hospital for over 15 years.

This particular project is for the Department of Surgery and was about centralising facilities but also importantly providing a collegial centre for the surgeons at the hospital. The aim is to give a haven away from the clinical hospital environment .  The feel is of material richness and nurture

Comprising a total refurbishment of the administration floor in an old 1970’s building, the arrangement clearly separates the public lecture and meeting rooms from the department administration and collegial space. The department caters for about 20 staff, surgeons and students and includes a range of meeting and discussion opportunities.

The typical dark long corridors of this type of building have been replaced with a light circulation space that opens up along its length and looks non institutional. It is the public address of the department and has various displays of the people and history.

We worked with specialist graphic artists to find a mode of representing the history of surgery. The resulting textural wall adds to the richness of the space and gives visitors easy access to the Department of Surgery’s story.

  • Location:
    St Vincents Hospital, Melbourne, Australia
  • Builder:
    Harris Office Environments
  • Photographer:
    Rory Gardiner
  • Relocation Specialist:
    Business Relocation Management
  • Services Engineers:
    BRT Consulting

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