Merri Creek Primary


This small project at Merri Creek Primary School in Fitzroy North consists of a series of outdoor shade structures added to an existing school building.

The brief was to moderate solar gain on the existing building, improve the bland aesthetic whilst providing shading for outdoor activities. In addition, a new entry was provided and an outdoor teaching space was created that multitasks as a lunch area and assembly stage.

The existing cladding was covered with additional timber battens to regulate solar gain on the existing fabric and additional shading was also added to regulate northern solar gain.

The external shade structures not only improve the buildings external edges, but dramatically improve the functionality and thermal performance of the interior spaces. The project is a good example of how simple solutions can have a significant impact and create opportunities.

  • Location:
    Fitzroy North, Melbourne, Australia
  • Builder:
    Famous Construction
  • Photographer:
    Rory Gardiner

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