Little Solar Terrace


This rental residence is an honest, sophisticated response to a budget conscious brief. The outcome shows that light, sunny and sustainable living is achievable without large budgets and complex equipment.

The clients wanted to invest in their property, planning to use it as a full time rental property. The two bedrooms, flexible sitting/third bedroom and open plan kitchen, dining, living space matched their vision to attract tenants like professional couples or even small families who choose the inner city lifestyle. Service areas are very compact but efficient and a little study nook off the dining area adds to the facility.

The vaulted space over the living areas is structurally smart, as it opens up to the sun but gives passive sun control without posts outside to clutter the small deck area. The front facade and heritage front rooms were restored to their former beauty and a change in floor level and materials creates a transition between the traditional and the new.

The polished concrete slab gives good thermal advantage and coupled with the clean and vibrant colour palette, sits well in this slightly left of center inner suburb.


  • Location:
    Northcote, Melbourne, Australia
  • Builder:
    Truwood Construction
  • Photographer:
    Rory Gardiner

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