Above: The finalised plan. The area to the left is the existing house, to the right is the new area with kitchen, dining, living and study  connecting to the north facing courtyard.

Due to the orientation of the site, the scheme chosen prioritised a central courtyard that allowed northern light into the ground level living areas. A spine of services including a bathroom, stairs, storage, a laundry and a study nook run along the western boundary. Large east facing windows through to the courtyard ensure the passage through the house that connects the old and new areas is full of natural light.

Left: View down the hall towards the front of the house. Right: View down hall into new section of house

The kitchen, living and dining area open up to the courtyard to the north as well as the back garden area to the South. A high ceiling in the living space coupled with expansive glazing, enhanced the sense of space due to the increased volume.

The light filled kitchen, living and dining area

Upstairs, the master bedroom and ensuite were also provided a north facing aspect. Due to the small size of the site, multiple tactics to fit the required facilities in the home were implemented. To name a few, the laundry was placed in a cupboard under the stairs, incorporating the stairs into the service spine in an efficient layout as well as doubling up circulation with usable spaces such as the dining area.

 Left: Upstairs master bedroom. Right: Vanity unit in ensuite.

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