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In the show ‘The Streets of Your Town’ that aired on ABC, Tim Ross looks at residential architectural trends in Australia. He looks at the modernist movement as well as the evolution in housing design that has resulted in the contemporary proliferation of the ‘McMansion.’ Ross describes how the early modernists had a drive in the way they were thinking about homes. During the modernist era, the general public had a much higher opinion of architects than they typically do now. People were excited by advancements in housing designs that fostered new types of living. Australian Architect Robin Boyd even sold plans in the newspaper, so anyone interested could have access to good home designs that allowed for ‘future living’ as he saw it.

During the modernist movement, cities were seen as dark, dirty places while large sprawling suburbs such as those found in Canberra were more attractive. During this period, a house would take up a third of its site. Within more modern suburbs where development was initiated say ten or fifteen years ago, houses just about consume the whole property. The shift in housing size reflects the change in lifestyle present in modern culture. On the show, an interviewed real estate agent explains, “The dream before was playing cricket in the backyard, whereas now, everything is inside.”

An image capture from ‘The Streets of Your Town’ showing an estate of McMansions

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Our residential extension in Northcote is nearly done! See pics below of the back garden facade and living room joinery.


Excavation has commenced on the construction of our new Child Care Centre within the Polaris Development, Bundoora.


combined 2

Here are a couple of recent site shots from our Fairfield extension. Nice to see the finishing details starting to take shape.

Looking forward to seeing the joinery in next!



IMG_6422 IMG_6423

Mel from our office has been working on a fun little project in Preston for friends of our director Paul.Here are a few images from site in recent weeks. Internal lining connections between the plywood and plasterboard are being neatly seen to by our builders at Famous Construction.

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4

A few updates on our little extension in Fairfield. Beautiful light play starting to take place internally. Glazing going in.

IMG_5785 IMG_5775 IMG_5768 IMG_5781 IMG_5760

Thankfully the recent wind did not blow away the framing on this project, currently on site in Melbourne’s northern suburb of Fairfield.

The framing and steelwork are beginning to tell more of the story behind the design.Site panorama 1s

Up on the hill, the client has keys in hand and move in is underway. Here are a few pics taken over the past few months as the project neared completion. Photography is mostly thanks to Paul’s son Rory Gardiner (with a couple from Paul himself).

Credit must go to the builder and site foreman who have realised this design beautifully. The front door is particularly stunning.

RG617c_232  RG617c_297RG617c_420   RG617c_325   RG617c_427 RG617c_431 RG617c_434RG617c_402IMG_2475IMG_2471photo 2

Screens are going up, paint is going on, doors are being hung, it’s all coming to an end…

IMG_2035 IMG_2037 IMG_2038 IMG_2039