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Landscaping to Ivanhoe House has now been completed.

IMG_5237 IMG_5233IMG_5222

Up on the hill, the client has keys in hand and move in is underway. Here are a few pics taken over the past few months as the project neared completion. Photography is mostly thanks to Paul’s son Rory Gardiner (with a couple from Paul himself).

Credit must go to the builder and site foreman who have realised this design beautifully. The front door is particularly stunning.

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Here’s a snippet of a job in Northcote which has just been finished. These photos, taken a little while ago, show the servery bench between the outdoor dinning area and the kitchen inside. The structure is integrated into the passive sun shading. The builder has done a great job, beautifully executed. (Builder: Make Make Constructions)

IMG_1391 IMG_1394 IMG_1396

We’ve just completed the relocation for St. Vincent’s Archives Department. The department is full of such amazing and unique items, it looks so fantastic to see them on display. The design required the client to closely assess their organisational and display methods. We worked together to design spaces and joinery which took into consideration climatic, visual and practical requirements.

Builder: Renascent Constructions Pty. Ltd.

Relocation Specialist: BRM, Richmond.

2 col2     colage

Nestled between a row of old terraces sits this recently completed renovation and extension. The smart use of storage and space allows the rich internal palette to be the hero of this house. The materials are emphasised by natural day light entering the house through the use of internal light courts and an arrangement of skylights.

The owners are settling in and getting to know their new abode, more photos on the way.

HIGHS__MG_4170 SKY-1__MG_4446

Medical students spend long hours at teaching hospitals and they deserved more than the old, drab, introverted facility. We opened it up, made it vibrant and accessible.

On budget, on time, and students and staff love it.

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