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December 2013

Screens are going up, paint is going on, doors are being hung, it’s all coming to an end…

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Here’s a snippet of a job in Northcote which has just been finished. These photos, taken a little while ago, show the servery bench between the outdoor dinning area and the kitchen inside. The structure is integrated into the passive sun shading. The builder has done a great job, beautifully executed. (Builder: Make Make Constructions)

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We’ve just completed the relocation for St. Vincent’s Archives Department. The department is full of such amazing and unique items, it looks so fantastic to see them on display. The design required the client to closely assess their organisational and display methods. We worked together to design spaces and joinery which took into consideration climatic, visual and practical requirements.

Builder: Renascent Constructions Pty. Ltd.

Relocation Specialist: BRM, Richmond.

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