Maximising Space Efficiency
More often than not, the thing that drives budget is building area. The cheapest scheme always involves less building. Being smart about the planning, means reusing repurposed space in a simple way to allow for less building area. The other driver is the complexity of construction. The chosen scheme did more in less building and encompassed quite a simple structure over the top with the amount of external walls limited i.e. not too many ‘ins and outs.’ We didn’t really change the main fabric of the existing house. We treated the old and new as two distinct areas. Budget-wise, this was an important approach.

201504_WEBSITE PLANS_170419Above: The finalised plan. The area to the east is the existing cottage with a new bathroom, laundry and ensuite extension. To the west is the new area with kitchen, dining, living and study areas connecting to the north facing garden.

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The Clients
The clients for this project were a couple living in Brunswick with their two young children. Originally, their issue was that they had relatively modest requirements, partly due to money, but also because they wanted to be sustainable. They saw the benefit in opting for a small footprint. The clients had previously worked on an initial design with a different architect that didn’t provide a satisfactory outcome. The other architect had designed quite a large, two-storey renovation which, by the time it was priced, was twice their budget. The clients were really disappointed and so the first discussion with us was – “Well, it may be a nice design, but we really don’t want to build something that’s twice our budget.”

RG927c_0029Above: The front yard of the Allan Street Cottage
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Our residential extension in Northcote is nearly done! See pics below of the back garden facade and living room joinery.


Excavation has commenced on the construction of our new Child Care Centre within the Polaris Development, Bundoora.


combined 2

We’re so pleased to see our Ruckers Hill project featured on Dezeen. Check out the article and some of Paul’s quotable descriptions of the job here JamesYard0008

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The team over at houzz did a lovely write up of our kitchen renovation in Ascot Vale.

Click on the images to have a look at the article!

RG683p_0056 MG_2778 MG_2886 Our Project in Ascot Vale Featured on
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We’re so pleased to see our Ruckers Hill House featured on the cover of Green Magazine Issue 43.

greenmag1 greenmag2
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Here are a couple of recent site shots from our Fairfield extension. Nice to see the finishing details starting to take shape.

Looking forward to seeing the joinery in next!



IMG_6422 IMG_6423
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Mel from our office has been working on a fun little project in Preston for friends of our director Paul.Here are a few images from site in recent weeks. Internal lining connections between the plywood and plasterboard are being neatly seen to by our builders at Famous Construction.

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4